Industrial Boiler Maintenance: How to save time, money and even lives

If you have an industrial boiler at your business premises, you have a responsibility to ensure it is frequently maintained. Performing frequent checks will mean that an engineer can be made fully aware of any damage to the boiler at an early stage, and carry out repairs before the faults deteriorate. In addition, paying for regular boiler water treatment is another service that should be carried out on a regular basis. You can get advice about which boiler water treatment is best and the chemicals needed to prevent corrosion and remove any substances which may damage your boiler. Chemical water treatments will keep the boiler running for longer, meaning you save money by avoiding expensive repairs or the purchase of a new one.


Image Source: Flickr

Scale and corrosion

One of the biggest risks to a boiler is corrosion caused by oxidation. To slow down the effects of oxidation, you should consider treating your boiler with a water treatment containing oxygen scavengers. Oxygen scavengers are a variety of chemicals that eliminate oxygen from the water and create enough of an alkaline environment to halt boiler corrosion. Frequent boiler checks will also identify any potential problems with scale and ensure they are addressed. Scale is usually caused by hardness in the water, which reacts to the boiler’s high temperature environment, creating a coating which affects the boiler’s efficiency. The right chemical treatment, such as the addition of hydrogen chloride to lower pH levels, or natrium hydroxide to increase them, should inhibit the formation of scale.


Another common problem that can arise with boilers is that of carryover – this term is used when impurities or boiler water escape with the steam. This will lead to increased water requirements that exceed what the pump is capable of. Carryover will be caused by either foaming or priming. Foaming occurs when there are either dissolved solids, excessive levels of alkalinity (as mentioned above) or oil in the water. Priming is when disturbed or moving water floods the steam drum and water droplets get trapped and carried out with the steam. A reputable service engineer will be able to identify the cause of carryover in your boiler and will be able to carry out the treatments necessary to address it. A failure to deal with carryover will lead to reduced performance in your boiler, costing you time and money and eventually resulting in boiler breakdown.


Not only is regular maintenance important in order to keep your boiler running for longer, it is also crucial for your safety and that of your employees. Although the statistics are a big improvement on the industrial tragedies of years ago, badly maintained boilers do still explode and can cause serious injury or death. Get your industrial boiler checked regularly – one that is correctly looked after will not only save your business time and money, it can also save your employees’ lives.


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