Water Treatment: Using Sanosil for Disinfection

Everyday water can provide the perfect medium for the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae and even viruses, but contrary to popular belief not every water disinfection product can successfully kill all of these microorganisms. This means that the water you drink, the water you shower in and, if you have a pool, the water you swim in could be teeming with potentially harmful organisms.

Why is this?

Chemical Containers
The reason that most water disinfection products fail to kill all water-borne microorganisms is because they lack the active ingredient to break down what is called the ‘biofilm’. Bacteria in particular are famed for their protective biofilm which acts as an impenetrable casing around the bacterium, but a number of viruses have also developed this survival mechanism as well.

Without a chemical component that dissolves the biofilm a water disinfectant will only kill a certain range of microorganisms, potentially leaving behind the most destructive of them.

How is Sanosil different?

Sanosil is a water disinfectant that combines two very powerful active ingredients into an ecologically friendly product. Working together, the two active ingredients – Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Ions – effectively destroy all known harmful and potentially harmful microorganisms while providing protection from recontamination.

So how do the active ingredients work?

Starting with Hydrogen Peroxide, this chemical is an oxidising agent and as such it has the ability to destroy both the biofilm and outer membrane of a bacterium or virus. Without an in-tact membrane a microorganism can’t live or multiply and as such the infection comes to an end. When added to water Hydrogen Peroxide will eventually break down into water and oxygen itself; two harmless elements which are completely safe to release into the environment.

The silver ions in Sanosil are what make this water disinfectant more powerful and universal in its effects than most. Silver ions have a catalytic effect when mixed with hydrogen peroxide and water, or in other words they kick start and then boost the oxidising effect of the hydrogen peroxide. Because they are so powerful, silver ions are only required in very small quantities and elicit no side effects in the human body if ingested i.e. in drinking water.

Other benefits of Sanosil

Because Sanosil is ecologically friendly and non-harmful to humans when used in the correct manner and according to the guidelines, it can be used to disinfect water in a variety of ways. Swimming pools, spas, water storage tanks and domestic water supplies can all be effectively disinfected in a matter of hours. What’s more, Sanosil offers protection from recontamination by microorganisms which very few other water disinfectants do.
As with any disinfectant chemical, it is important to follow the treatment guidelines closely and only use the product if it best fits your needs. If you are in any doubt seek the advice of an authorised Sanosil distributor.


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