To Beach or Not to Beach when Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your home, there is one item that many discussions revolve around and that is chlorine bleach. There is science supporting the use of bleach as a home cleaner as well as many arguments against the use of it, but what’s really best? Let’s explore the advantages of both?

Using Bleach

Bleach Bottle

Image Source: Pixabay

Bleach is incredibly useful for getting rid of stains and killing bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is one of the most effective household cleaners available on the market. Because it is so effective, thanks to sodium hypochlorite, it can be extremely dangerous when misused making it extremely harmful to health and even other, harder materials. When using bleach in the home, it is always recommended to dilute it for general use and use protective equipment to avoid any direct contact with your skins.

So what does that mean?

Ok, so it works but it can be dangerous big deal – why are so many people against using bleach? The primary reason is that it isn’t green and can be harmful to the environment. You need to be ever so careful with this product, both using and storing, and yet people happily pour it down the drain or throw it on their garden. By doing this the bleach is slipping into the water system and polluting the environment which is a huge environmental concern considering how many households regularly use bleach.

Alternative Products

There are loads of natural products and alternative cleaning items that can generate the same results as bleach without all the negative characteristics that it brings. There is everything from mixing hydrogen peroxide with lemon juice and water to creating all-purpose cleaners out of orange peels.

Some arguments state that the reason these aren’t more popular is because they are not readily available from the stores at a low cost and this lack of convenience means that most people turn towards bleach.

Better Being Green

If everyone made the switch from using chlorine bleach to more natural products then we would see a huge drop in the costs associated with recycling water. There are plenty of biodegradable cleaning products out here that help to protect the environment while still delivering the same performance you would expect from bleach. Removing bleach and other harmful chemicals from freshwater sources currently costs countries billions every year. This makes it an extremely costly process but if the number of households using this product was reduced then there would be less contaminates in the system. With less contaminates, the cleaning process would be faster and simpler and as a direct result cost less money.

To find out more about the different cleaning products you can use at home or for commercial use then visit Water Treatment Products today and listen to the experts in the subject.


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